* VENUES in 2006 *

is about learning to use whatever
herbs are at hand and how they
can safely be used as medicinal
by the end of this course, you will
know how to use your own core
wisdom to guide your use of


Day 1 ~
Arrive at centre for gathering, evening meal and overview of the week ahead.

Day 2 ~
Introduction to plants :
  Their structure and common constituents
  Looking, smelling, tasting and enjoying!
Finding plants :
  Moving around the gardens and surroundings.
Evening meal - free time and fun...

Day 3 ~
Herbal First Aid :
 How we can use plants to treat minor injuries, & how we can make do with  a few herbs.
Walking and identifying :
  Deciding how we would find the plant we need

Day 4 ~
A closer look at some common plants :
  If we can understand these, we can apply them in many ways.
Making some creams, tinctures & oils etc...

Day 5 ~
Programme to be arranged :
  Adapted to students' needs

Day 6 ~
The Four Temperaments (personality types) :
  How herbs and their application fit into this and other systems
Putting all we've learned into practise

Day 7 ~
Review of the week's learning
Closing lunch together


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