The Barefoot Herbalist offers short courses (in the UK and abroad)
in theoretical, practical and intuitive skills of herbal medicine. Currently,
there are two levels offered:

  The Barefoot Herbalist (level I)
is about learning to use whatever herbs are at hand and how they can safely be used as medicinal plants.
  The Baresoul Herbalist (level II)
is about learning to trust our intuition, our natural abilities to sense what plants are good for us. It is also about broadening our sense of what we call medicine.
Two levels of natural wisdom for health and personal growth. Other levels will be offered in the future.

No prior knowledge of herbs is required – people young and old come to enjoy and share their learning. Although these courses do not lead to professional qualification, qualified health practitioners, full-time students of herbal medicine and everday people alike have all benefitted greatly from the down-to-earth teaching offered here.

Welcome to these hearty, useful and fun courses!


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